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Whitecart Security can protect your digital assets using Best In Breed technologies from our award winning Technology Partners

Various packages available to suit your requirements



Protect your servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and virtual machines with our endpoint protection which uses Deep Learning technology to identify known and unknown threats before they take hold.


We supply WiFi solutions that are easy to use, with superior visibility into the health and security of your environment .

Integrate your endpoint protection capabilities within your wireless network and monitor and stop threats from one place, as soon as they're seen anywhere in your environment.


Next-Generation Firewalls from leading vendors help you control whats coming in and out of your network.

Easy to set up, clear visibility across all of your estate and integration with the latest security technologies. These devices are a must have for SME, Midmarket and Enterprise organisations alike.


Is your current threat hunting capability adequate?

Whats your response when you find one?

We have a number of managed services for EDR, MTR as well as SIEM and SOC services.

We continually monitor our customers environment against the latest threats and attacks.


93% of Cyber Security breaches include a phishing email.

Your users are one of your first and last lines of defense. They can be your greatest ally or weakest link.

Train your users with our simulated phishing threats and stop the most common attacks against your business before they begin.



Are your users trained to stop a phishing attack?

Train your users to spot phishing emails like a pro and stop malware and ransomware in it's tracks.

Don't let your business become the next to fall victim to all too common email scams.

We're currently running a 30 day free trial of Sophos' Phish Threat platform for up to 100 of your users. Enter your email address to register. Limited spaces available.

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A number of prominent concerns we often hear from our customers is around the threat of ransomware to their business, are they at risk, what could be costs and how can they protect against it.

“93% of Cyber Security breaches include a phishing email, 30% of phishing messages are opened by users and 16 seconds is the median time for someone to click on a phishing email”

“The average ransomware demand in 2020 was over £220,000. Most of these attacks are delivered via malicious email.”*

These are just some of the statistics that show the prevalence and ease of which companies fall victim to the latest cyber-attacks every day.

Your users, the people who are simply opening their emails, can be your weakest link or strongest defense in stopping crippling cyber-attacks against your organisation.

* 2018 Verizon Data Breach report and Sophos research



Whitecart Security is a dedicated Cyber Security company. Our consultants are vendor trained and certified in all of the products that we use. We can help in all areas of Cyber Security, protecting you against the most common threats and hardening your business against the risk and damage of a crippling Cyber Attack.

We're based in the central belt in Scotland and can therefore dedicate an onsite resource quickly and effectively in Scotland as well as around the UK. We're here to help you meet your security requirements, every step of the way.


Frequently asked questions

We have anti-virus installed, we're already protected, right?!

Virus and Malware development has evolved, advanced ransomware infections are now an everyday occurence. These bring businesses to a halt, damaging reputations, stopping operations and incurring huge financial expense. Traditional anti-virus solutions aren't able to detect and respond to these threats which is why they happen so frequently. The next generation of endpoint protection is here and detects previously unknown malware and its behaviour before it begins to take hold. Don't let your organisation be the next victim. Get in touch to find out more, limited free trials are available. Conditions apply.

How can I protect my business from being the next victim of a Cyber Attack?

There is no magic bullet to secure your business. A layered approach to security is the only way to ensure that you are minimizing the chances of your business being the next news headline of being victims of a data breach. Resolve your problem with our products and services that can monitor and protect your endpoints including servers, desktop, laptops, mobile devices and virtual machines, whether they're located on your premises, in a datacentre or in the cloud. Protect your wifi and backbone network with easy visibility and reporting on the security status of your whole estate in real-time. Utilise our email protection, device encryption and phishing training for your users. The best part is, all of these products synch together into one cloud-based console making management and administration simple and transparent and ready to go from initial deployment.

Why should I choose Whitecart Security?

Security doesn't have a one-size fits all solution and it's imperitive that your Service Provider is an expert in the tools they're using to protect your assets. Whitecart Security is a dedicated Cyber Security company. Cyber Security is our business. Our consultants and analysts are trained and certified by the vendors in the products and services that we offer. We're don't offer a generic security solution, we use custom tailored products and services selected to meet your specific business requirements and utilise only subject matter experts who understand the technologies intrinsically.



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